Week of January 19th-22nd



Welcome Back!

I hope that everyone had a nice and relaxing winter break! I spent a lot of time with my family and friends, and catching up on sleep!

I was a little nervous to head back to school because I thought that everyone would be tired but it was the complete opposite! Our class started working right away and everyone was on task ALL DAY and giving their best effort! I was so so sooooo happy with our class today! I tried to introduce a few new fun things into our math and reading blocks to keep the class excited about learning. Here are some pictures of everyone working hard today.

We did a great job! Below you will find our spelling words for this week that you can study at home with your child. Have a great week and happy 2016!

er/ir/ur spelling list:

  • burn
  • curve
  • nurse
  • fur
  • church
  • turn
  • girl
  • first
  • skirt
  • third
  • stir
  • germ
  • winter
  • verb
  • flower



Week of December 14, 2015

Hi parents! I know I have fallen behind with posting on this website. I’m very sorry about that, and my new years resolution is to keep you more updated on what is happening in our classroom. We are working hard before winter break, but I can tell the kids are excited to have some time off from school!

In an effort to keep you informed, I will do my best to post each week’s spelling words on this site. I hope that helps you study at home with your child! Enjoy the rest of your night, and happy almost winter break! ūüôā

Our spelling words for this week:




Science-Learning About Germs

¬†Science has always been one of my favorite subjects to teach, particularly because of the experiments. The¬†kids and I LOVE them! Our first unit in science is “What Makes Me Sick?” and we are learning all about germs.

¬†We started by talking about one of the number one ways that germs spread – by sneezing and coughing.¬†I filled this spray bottle up with water, and we compared the germs that come out of our nose and mouth when we sneeze to the water in the bottle. After a quick discussion, we all practiced doing our best fake sneeze to talk about how the germs fly out of our mouths and onto something else. As the students practiced sneezing, I walked around and surprised them with a spray of water at the end of their ah-ah-achoo! Our room was filled with giggles and begs for “a little more sneeze please” because it was a hot day!

The next day, we talked about where those germs go that land on our hands after a sneeze. We used crushed up chalk/chalk dust to represent our germs.

Each table had a turn to come line up by our germs.¬†I took out that same spray bottle from before, and sprayed everyone’s hands with a little bit of water-just so our germs would stick!

Once their hands were wet, one student from the table pressed their hand down onto our pile of chalk dust. When they pulled their hand back and looked at it, it was covered in germs!

Once we moved past the laughter from our germ covered hands, our friend who had just dipped their hand in the chalk turned and shook hands with the person standing next to them.¬†To everyone’s surprise, the germs had transferred to the new student’s hand! The room filled with ohh’s and ahh’s and lots of giggles.

From there, the new student shook another student’s hand, and so on. We continued shaking hands until everyone at their table had been in contact with the germs. They pointed out that the first person to shake hands with our germ covered student had the most germs, while our last friend had very few, if any.

This was a fun and exciting way to get the kids talking about how germs can spread from one person to another. I was so happy with the conversations I heard happening at each table! It also lead to a nice discussion about how we can stay clean and healthy to protect ourselves from germs. I’ll keep you posted as we learn more about what makes us sick!

Have a great night!


More Math!

We continued working on place value today. We focused on the digits within a number and what they really mean. For example, in the number 24, the 2 stands for “20 or 2 tens” and the 4 stands for “4 ones”. This is a tough concept for second graders, so we will continue to practice this every day!

Here is our group ready to get started with our number talk!


Here is an example of what our number talk looks like. We focused on the value of each digit in a number.


They did a great job and I was even able to call students up to come and explain their thinking to the class!


Great work today Second Grade!


Guided Math has started!

As I mentioned earlier, I plan to start every day with a number talk. Today we started talking about place value. I was so impressed with how well everyone was able to count using tens and ones. They really did a great job!

After our number talk we moved into our whole group lesson. We used our math books to explore the relationships between tens and ones: one ten is made out of ten ones, so two tens are made out of twenty ones, etc. Again, they did great!

Next we moved into our guided math rotations. The students will circulate between the following five rotations:

  1. Math With the Teacher
  2. Math By Myself
  3. Math with Someone
  4. Math Technology
  5. Math Review

Guided math allows students time to practice and improve on fundamental skills that play a key role in math. Through guided math students can independently work on anything from addition and subtraction to place value or number sense. Allowing time to meet with the teacher in small groups really gives me a sense of what each student is individually capable of. It also provides a smaller group to focus on tough skills like word problems, and to reteach the current skill we are focusing on.

I was a little nervous about starting math rotations today, but these kids proved that I had no reason to worry! Wow! They did an amazing job and kept working the entire time. In fact, when it was time to clean up, I heard several students complain that they couldn’t¬†keep doing math longer!

Here are some pictures of our guided math block today!

IMG_8263 IMG_8257 IMG_8258 IMG_8259 IMG_8260 IMG_8252 IMG_8253 IMG_8254 IMG_8255 IMG_8256 IMG_8251

IMG_8261 IMG_8266

IMG_8265 IMG_8264


Getting Started

After a few fun getting to know you activities, we got started right away with academics! Many of the students in our class had done Daily 5 last year, so they were familiar with the procedures and routines.

We started out on Wednesday discussing the three ways to read a book: 1. Read the pictures, 2. Read the words, 3. Retell the story. We used the book “Stephanie’s Ponytail” by¬†Robert Munsch. The kids had a great time looking at the pictures, and we had a lot of laughs when we got to the end of the book! It had great visuals and lead to a great discussion about how we need to use both the pictures and the words to help us understand a book, and how retelling the story shows our comprehension. If you haven’t read Stephanie’s Ponytail, you can take a look at it here:


On Thursday we talked about developing our stamina during Daily 5 so that we are making the best of our time during Daily 5. We used the book “Dex, The Heart of Hero” and discussed how hard work and determination made Dex a better superhero, just like it will make us better readers.


After reading about Dex, we decided to test out our stamina. The first time we were able to read for three minutes without any distractions/talking, and after our second try we made it up to five minutes! I was very impressed!

Here are some pictures of us reading to self!

IMG_8225 IMG_8217

IMG_8216 IMG_8213


IMG_8223 IMG_8222

IMG_8221 IMG_8220

IMG_8219 IMG_8218

IMG_8215 IMG_8214


We also jumped into our math workshop this week! My plan is to start each morning with a number talk to help build our number sense. We tested this out by sitting on the carpet and using our student rekenreks, and it went great! We worked on building numbers 1-20, and everyone loved having their own rekenreks to use! Unfortunately I didn’t snap any pictures of that!

After our number talk, we practiced both math by myself and math with someone activities. Everyone usually loves guided math rotations because they think they are just playing games and have no clue they’re actually learning! I’m hoping our math workshop will be in full swing by the end of next week.

We will also be starting Place Value in math on Monday, and continue working on that throughout all of September. Place Value is a great place to start because it builds a strong foundation for understanding numbers and builds number sense. I really love teaching place value so I can’t wait to get started! I will try to get some pictures of our math workshop next week!

Science and social studies are starting next week too! I’ll update you more on those as we get started!

We took our first trip to the library on Friday! Everyone checked out two books and they were very excited! Please remember to send your library books back every Friday so that you can check out new ones!


September 2 – 2:35 Dismissal

September 3 – 2:35 Dismissal and PIN NIGHT 6:00-7:30

Happy Sunday! I can’t wait for another fun week ahead! Hope to see you at PIN night this Thursday!